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Steel Mace Yoga Flow

Strength. Mobility. Flow.

I help clients strengthen their body-mind connection through mindful movement, targeted mobility and strengthening exercises, coupled with mindset and meditation practices.​
I offer group vinyasa yoga and steel mace vinyasa classes, as well as high-level private coaching sessions based on a comprehensive personal program, custom-designed to meet each client's individual and unique needs. 
Whether you are an athlete hoping to improve your performance in your sport, a yogi wanting to add weight training exercises to your regular practice, or a person wanting to get out of pain and improve your mobility and general health and wellness, I can help you meet your goals.  

What is Steel Mace Yoga Flow?

Steel Mace Yoga Flow is a fusion of vinyasa yoga and steel mace mechanics.  By training with the mace and adding load to your yoga asana practice, you are enhancing your body's proprioception, stability and strength. 


Additionally, by leveling up the challenge of your asana practice with the added load, your mind will more quickly go into a state of flow.  This means you're in full concentration, your sense of time transforms, and your actions and awareness merge.  Your self-consciousness dissipates and you have an inner sense of satisfaction and reward.


In other words, Steel Mace Yoga Flow is beneficial for your body and your mind.


Classes and Services

Virtually and in-Person in Chicago

Improving wellbeing is more than just a fitness decision, it’s a lifestyle commitment.

Check out my offerings and join the Steel Mace Yoga Flow community today!


Group Steel Mace Vinyasa Classes

Join my group steel mace yoga classes

at Tribe Healing Arts

Roscoe Village, Chicago


Group Vinyasa Yoga Classes

Join my group vinyasa yoga classes

at Tribe Healing Arts

Roscoe Village, Chicago



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I offer movement coaching and program design that suits the individual physical and mental health needs of every client. 

Contact me to find out more about the practice of Vinyasa Yoga and Steel Mace Yoga Flow and how they can benefit you!

Chicago, Illinois

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